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Who do you Call for a Leak in the Ceiling?

A leak in your ceiling is water restoration territory. If you notice dark spots, bubbling paint, rusty light fixtures, wet smells, or spongy ceiling materials, you likely have a leak that’s allowing water into your ceiling from above. Depending on where in your home this is occurring, it can be indicative of a leaking pipe, shower, tub, toilet, or appliance on the floor above or a leaking roof. Unfortunately, finding the root cause isn’t always easy. A water restoration company can help determine where water is coming from to get the leak stopped and clean up any damage that has resulted. Whether it’s a big job or a small job, they will get the water dried up and replace ceiling and wall drywall that has been ruined by the water to get your home back in good working order. Because drywall basically acts like a sponge when it gets wet, replacing it quickly is key to avoiding home mold growth.

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